Weddings & Events

Our designers hail from some of the world's top design schools. Our specialty is ground in the rich history of European floral design, with influences spanning from Switzerland to Russia.

Budget Friendly

No budget is too big or too small for us. Whether you are simply looking for a bridal bouquet or dreaming up a full-scale event for a large venue, we will work with you to determine the right floral selection, quantity, and arrangement that is tailored to you, both aesthetically and financially. And we will do so without compromising quality.

Details, details, details

We know that every detail matters, which means there is no limit to the extremes we will go to ensure that you are confident about every flower arrangement. Whatever amount of email threads are needed, however many trips to the venue or Pinterest board exchanges are required, we will do what it takes to ensure that the floral decor is an ideal complement to your wedding or event concept.

Catered to you

We have decorated over 500 weddings and events around the world and in numerous settings, from historic palaces to ritzy rooftops to sleek navy ships. Whatever your setting is, we will enhance it with the ideal floral accent

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